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Brikor, which listed on the AltX in August 2007, is a diverse manufacturer and supplier of building and construction materials across a broad spectrum of the market from low-cost housing, residential to commercial, industrial, civil engineering and infrastructure projects and has an aggregates segment, bricks segment and a coal segment through its subsidiary, Ilangabi Investments 12 (Pty) Ltd.
Brikor has various manufacturing plants in Gauteng. The two clay brick manufacturing plants, located in Nigel, have production capacities in excess of 155 million bricks per annum. These plants mainly produce semi-face clay bricks for the construction industry.


Ilangabi Investments 12 (Pty) Ltd started operating in 2004 and successfully commissioned its surface coal mining operations at Vlakfontein Mine, located in the Nigel area, during 2012. The name of the company was derived from the isiZulu word “Ilangabi,” which means “flame.”

Ilangabi Investments 12 (Pty) Ltd deems Brikor Limited Group as their primary client and supplies them of all their raw material needs. The location of the clay and coal reserves are in close proximity to Brikor’s clay brick manufacturing plants which gives Brikor the competitive advantage of effective value chain management. The clay overlaying the coal deposit at the Vlakfontein Mine is stripped and stockpiled for future use in the clay brick manufacturing process. The coal mined at the Vlakfontein Mine is used in the brick making process to both dry and fire clay bricks.

Coal that is not supplied to the Brikor Group is supplied to the local community at very competitive prices to create economic benefits for residents within the local municipal area.

To request a quote on Ilangabi products, contact Ilangabi on sales@ilangabicoal.co.za
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