Company History

In August 1994 Garnett Parkin senior, an entrepreneur, formed Marievale Brickworks which acquired certain immovable properties in Nigel from Marievale Gold Mine Limited. He and his son Garnett van Niekerk Parkin through Marievale Brickworks built a brick factory for the manufacture of semi-face bricks. This factory initially produced 15 million bricks per annum.

PME was formed by Garnett Parkin senior at the same time. It acquired a fleet of two trucks and three trailers, which were primarily responsible for farming operations, the transport of clay and coal, as well as the distribution of bricks.

In 1996 Garnett van Niekerk Parkin acquired 100% of the entire issued share capital of Marievale Brickworks and PME when Garnett Parkin senior passed away.

Basfour (Pty) Limited was incorporated as a private company on 10 July 1998 and acquired factory land in Nigel. A second brick plant was commissioned by the company with a production capacity of 14 million bricks per annum.
Marievale Bamford was formed in November 1999 and it purchased land and plant in Olifantsfontein where the group’s third face brick plant, with a gas firing tunnel kiln with a production capacity of 16.7 million bricks per annum, was commissioned in March 2000.

In 2000 PME acquired further land in Rayton to supply clay to the brick plant in Olifantsfontein.

Basfour (Pty) Limited changed its name to Brikor (Pty) Limited on 19 November 2001 and the brick manufacturing and sales operations of the group, including those conducted by Marievale Brickworks, were consolidated into Brikor. Since 2001 coal underlying the clay deposits was commissioned to service the needs in the group’s industry, which ensured that the group became self sufficient from the supply of coal.

On 18 May 2007 Brikor was converted to a public company. Brikor was listed on the AltX in August 2007.
On Saturday, 17 January 2015, Garnett van Niekerk Parkin, chief executive officer of Brikor tragically passed away in a motor car accident. Garnett’s legacy is continued at Brikor through the appointment of his son, Garnett Parkin, as chief executive officer and the loyal support of Brikor’s management and staff.

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